Blaine Scully
Blaine Scully

Throughout his career as a professional athlete, Blaine has sought to make an impact on his sport, both on and off the pitch.

Serving as captain for the U.S. national team, and as a senior member of the Cardiff Blues, he continuously works to create a culture of excellence where every team member can realize their highest potential. As someone who has been a member of multiple high-performance teams, he also understands what can be achieved when motivated individuals come together around a shared ambition and purpose. Whether in sports or in business, he believes that teams are most successful when all members are committed to a common goal, understand how they can individually contribute and work to improve every day.

As a co-founder of the U.S. Rugby Players Association (USRPA), he has focused on developing an organization that promotes, advances and protects the interests and welfare of our players. This three-year labor of love will result in a further professionalization of the sport of rugby in the United States, which means the opportunity to grow their players as they grow our game.

And personally, he has built his professional career on a specific value system. It takes a great deal of dedication, determination and sacrifice to correctly prepare oneself for competition – whether in sport or business – so he looks to a value system that provides him with not only the necessary architecture to organize his life, but also the framework from which he can maximize his potential.

He believes in setting a high personal standard, setting aspirational individual and collective goals, committing to honest self-analysis and continuous improvement, maintaining a growth mindset, and above all, committing to the process. These values are a fundamental part of who he is – not only as an athlete but also as an individual – and are a vital part of what motivates him as a teammate, team leader and member of the global rugby community.

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