Today is a new chapter in our own personal stories.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped companies and brands develop strong relationships with their customers, employees and communities. We have loved building powerful, connective brands and experiences, so we thought: what if we took that expertise and worked to help people discover their own voice? A spark was ignited.

Having worked long in the sports industry and being former college athletes ourselves, we knew exactly where we wanted to focus our efforts: on helping current and retired professional athletes develop their personal brands.

We believe an athlete’s story isn’t confined to the field of play. Everyone has more than one passion, more than one mark to make, and every athlete should have the opportunity to create a legacy that lives on well after the last whistle blows.

But having worked closely with professional athletes throughout our careers, we’ve seen huge disparity between how different athletes’ stories are told, how their brands are perceived and how to amplify their message out to the world. And that’s how BFWD was born.

We believe it’s the differences that make all of the difference, so we look forward to working with athletes to bring their unique stories to life.

Patty & Stephanie

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